Frequently Asked Questions

How is it installed? We have a skilled, trusted technician install the equipment with you. Together you will talk about sensor placement, threshold settings and any concerns you may have with your room. This way we can customize the installation to fit your exact needs.
Is internet required? Our Smart Integ Controller can automatically maintain your room without internet. However, in order to provide data to your phone or PC while away from the grow, internet is required. If you are only wanting to receive data while near your grow, we can do a local installation, which doesn't require internet. You would connect wirelessly to an Integ Router while on site, (no internet connection) and view all your data from there.
Why is there a server charge? Integ is a small but growing company. Our server load is our primary overhead cost. For only a dollar a day we can keep your data streaming to you as quickly as possible and not have to throttle our clients' bandwidth usage.
Am I locked into a contract? We do not bind our clients to any sort of contract. Cancel any time and we'll call it even. That's because we're confident after using our system, you will never revert back to old fashioned controllers.
Can the Integ controller replace my- Yes. Yes it can. It can replace all your controllers, in fact. Or add rules to existing controllers to make them work better for your needs.
How does this save me money? The system is designed to boost efficiency to the point that it more than pays for itself. Our rooms are costly on electicity, nutrients and labour. By knowing the exact measurements at any given time, we can save on all three. Receiving notifications and automatically adjusting parameters is a great way to shave energy costs. An efficiency boost of even 10% could translate to thousands of dollars saved per month. Coupled with our energy savings, our equipment won't needlessly wear as fast, saving us even more.
What if I need to change something? Can I move the sensors myself? Of course you can move whatever you'd like. If you need to make a major change or don't like the way something is operating, call into the office and we can surely help. Most of the time changes can be made from our server so you will see quick, reliable service with no down time. We're growers too so we know how important that data is to you!